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Rendered Product Package Poster

This project is to create a photorealistic poster combining 3D objects and 2D background.

Brainstorming Process

To start with the assignment, first I needed to gather some examples of photos of objects I would like to try to recreate. I chose the skincare brand Tatcha. I explored the brand’s social media channels gaining an idea of their style. For a background image, I chose a photo from Unsplash.


Creative Process

I used Tatcha logos found on the internet and sampled the brand’s colours. Then I designed two packages, a plastic jar and a plastic squeeze tube in Adobe Dimension. For the jar, I combined several simple shapes, altering their dimensions to be similar to a real product’s ones. For the squeeze tube, I used an existing template and adjusted its size. After the shapes were finalized, I applied colours and added logos. The next step was to add a background image simulating a perspective. As a final step, I added lighting.