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Augmented Reality Project

This project is to design an interactive AR experience with interactivity, animation and audio, including assets made in Dimension. The topics included:

  • Creating and Importing 3D assets for AR
  • Preparing 2D Assets for AR
  • Creating animated sequences
  • Using rigged  and directable character models
  • Adding audio to your AR scene
  • Adding triggers and actions to create interactivity to your AR scene
  • Setting an image anchor
  • Sharing your AR scene

Brainstorming Process

To start with the assignment, I needed to decide on the subject for the project. I chose a song “Aint no mountain high enough” and decided to create a scene with multiple characters dancing in a fairy tale forest.

AR Project Setup

Creating Process

I used assets found on the mixamo.com, turbosquid.com and free3d.com websites. Using Adobe Dimensions, I added colour to the models from TurboSquid and then combined everything using Adobe Aero. My main concern during the work was the need to change my creative cloud account back and forth from personal to school one because I wanted to use a lot of characters and animations from Mixamo. Altogether, I highly enjoyed working with Adobe’s 3D software, it is pretty easy and super fun.


After submitting my completed assignment I received very positive feedback from the instructor, no edits were required.

Source of the object references: